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Bone Structure Home Design
Bone Structure Designs
Bone Structure's Rig
OTM Homes is excited to partner with BONE Structure to bring the next level of home building design to Saskatchewan. Home building techniques have remained stagnant for many years. BONE Structure has revolutionized the process and techniques of building High Performance Homes inspired by the aerospace industry. BONE Structure allows your home to be built smarter, faster and more precise.
Solid and Healthy Structures
Our 11 gauge galvanized steel is made to last. Every project is carefully designed to withstand local snow loads, seismic loads and heavy winds. Steel is impervious to mold, rot and termite damage. Therefore, protecting your health and your investment.
Precision Beyond Measure
What you design gets built or should we say easily assembled – with very few tools, sounds like a Swedish furniture assembly, doesn't it? No cutting, no piercing, no welding on our job sites. It is that simple. Every detail is transmitted with zero loss, from the computerized drawing board to the assembled finished product. The final building is not a best interpretation of your design. It is your design. True and plumb.


Rod &


"Mark is a professional. He was accurate in his initial assessment and the cost of our project came in under budget. Our home was built with care and precision. Thank you Mark, we love our Home!"

Laura &


" We chose On The Mark Residential because they understood our vision from the start and helped make our custom acreage dream home a reality. Mark worked with us from design to completion; his guidance, input and advice were key in selecting every aspect of the construction and finishing of our home. We are very happy with the quality of work OTM provides and of the tradespeople involved in the build. OTM helped us build a truly customized, quality home that reflected who we are and met our families needs. Mark and his team are accommodating, easy to work with, knowledgeable, and committed to quality. We love our new home!"

Fred &


"Our experience with Mark was great. From our initial layout that we drew up, to developing them into actual house plans and onto building, Mark was a huge help every step of the way. We told him the theme we were going for and he that in mind through the design process and choosing the finishing. We were his first acreage, but you'd never know it. He made sure we had all of the local permits in place before starting. Another big plus is we were permitted to use a couple of our own trades, which saves money. There are not too many builders that will let you do that. Mark was very Helpful and Knowledgeable every step of the way. Overall, I would definitely build again with OTM and Highly recommend Mark!"

Stacy &


"On The Mark Homes built us a beautiful custom home that we re extremely happy with. Mark is an easy-going professional who works tirelessly for his clients. Mark was accommodating with his time and always made sure communication was clear. Mark is incredibly patient and always made sure that he fully understood our vision before he moved forward with an aspect of the build. Mark has a phenomenal understanding of modern design ideas. More Importantly, Mark builds homes the right way. Mark works diligently to make sure his clients are building a house that is incredibly efficient, practical, and up with the times. We would highly recommend On The Mark Homes as a home builder!"

Brianna &


"We had the pleasure of working with mark on our very challenging, custom home build. Mark is a great builder because he cares. He cares about us as clients, and about the details, big and small. He helped us navigate every step of this project, including attending appeal hearings with the city. Our forever home is perfect, thanks to mark and his team. We would recommend OTM Homes in a heartbeat!"